True Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Bryan Asher - 17 Dec 2011

    This is as close to a true tobacco flavor as I have been able to find. It has a true tobacco flavor and smell, and is like smoking a high quality cigarette. I have found that it mixes well with some of the flavors available, if you prefer a milder less sweet flavor than some of the heaver sweeter flavors. I just ordered 3- 30ml bottles of it today. Northwest is all about service to its customers and I will continue to be a loyal customer! Bill is very knowledgeable about his products and is a pleasure to do business with. Thanks Bill !!! Bryan Asher

  • Matthew Sheehy - 05 May 2013

    Okay, I HAVE to update my previous review for a couple reasons: I was using a Vivi Nova clearomizer, doing my very best to keep the coil clean to get the best taste. Then I got a KangerTech Protank and POW! night and day flavor! This True Tobacco flavor is really mild and nice, and as the name implies it is a True Tobacco taste. I like it straight and also mixed with Virginia and FBJ Cowboy Smooth - makes a really nice mix base. More importantly these people read that they sent me the wrong mix and sent me TWO of the correct flavors! Just plain WOW! I've never had anybody try so hard to make up for a mistake! I HIGHLY recommend this flavor and NW Vapors!

  • Paul Monty - 15 Aug 2013

    So far the best of the NWV collection I have tried. I have Mello and 7 leaves on deck. Quite good clean taste. Decent throat hit and no cough. Great fresh juice on all flavors so far.

  • Kimberly Haverkampf - 27 Jan 2014

    I have tried all flavors of e-liquid from several sites, and, while this does not really remind of a specific flavor, it is my favorite, hands-down. This mild tobacco flavor is great by itself, but I have even used it to temper stronger flavors, or used a different flavor to refill a tank it had just filled, and it is mild enough that I do not even have to clean the tank beforehand. Any time I have a hankering to try something new, I always come back to True Tobacco. Even if I were to try a flavor somewhere else and like it, I feel guilty because of the loyalty I have to such a great company because of the way they have treated me over the years. I have never had a problem they didn't fix immediately and beyond my expectations. This combined with such reasonable prices and quality products is unbeatable.