CE4 Starter Kit with 1100 mAh Pass-through


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  • Joshua Gates - 02 Feb 2013

    First day of ownership and I'm completely satisfied with this unit! Ordered 3 different juices, 2 tobacco and 1 clove at 24mg Nicotine and at the full strength high PG mix ratio. Using the stock ce4 and the dual coil v2 cartomizers the throat hit is immense, more so than my American Spirit Organics. I nearly choked my lungs out the first few puffs. This is NOT a bad thing. I need a good strong throat hit to satisfy my smoking urges. 1 day and I've already halved my cigarette intake. Having tried numerous e-cigs in the past and being disappointed, I'm finally convinced about the future of vaping, and that future is bright. If you're afraid to take the leap from traditional cancer sticks to something a little less cancer, get this kit. The most you will be out is the cost of less than a carton of your favorite cigs.

  • B Douglas Hilton - 06 Feb 2013

    I just got my kit and I am very pleased so far. The nice price allowed me to bundle some extra stuff and get a fairly good setup. I added a rebuildable CE4 carto and some spare heads, the Vivi Nova kit, and two types of e-juice. It works great. Much better than the crummy disposable e-cig that I had tried previously. The CE4 carto with long wicks works fine even with thick VG juice, producing good vapor and nice TH. I tried the included carto with some thinner juice and once again it works super. At some point I will probably add another battery or a battery mod. Otherwise I just need carto heads and e-juice to keep vaping. I won't have a problem switching from fire smokes to this nifty system. This works for me, and I like it.

  • Donna Langley - 18 Feb 2013

    Just got mine on the 16th,WOW i love it! got tabacco e-liquid, and mocha talk about taste so good,tried other eletronic cigarette machine and nothing came close to this!ordering more now and different flavors.cigaretts are a thing of the past. love the vapor strong and satisfing.

  • Raymond Dietz - 13 Jun 2013

    This is a great battery, that's it. Being a pass through battery is awesome but the cartomizor is kinda crappy. it didn't take long before you where able to taste the wick when vaping. Battery gets 5 start and the caromizor gets no stars but a great unit to start with if your just getting into it