H2 Bottom Feed Cartomizer for KGO/EGO - CLOSE OUT SPECIAL

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  • Sara Mackey - 21 May 2014

    I ordered a half-dozen of these in various colors for my husband & me to use. 2 of them gave us problems right away. One of them (green) had a very strange taste and I noticed that the atomizer head was off center and resting against the side of the center tube. Replacing the head didn't solve the problem so I'm guessing there is a flaw in the base and/or the tank itself. Not sure if that was causing the the bad taste, I just got rid of the whole unit. Another one (blue) apparently came with a faulty atomizer head. It was hard to hit -almost felt clogged- and a lot of gurgling/sputtering. Again, I tried replacing the head, and this time it worked. The others are working fine as far as I can tell!

  • Mary Warren - 12 Jul 2014

    Bottom feed is definitely a cleaner better taste experience. Be Careful though, the plastic tank separates from the metal ring that attaches to the bottom coil, so if you don't watch it, pulling it out of your pocket you will lose all the liquid. The design is flawed as the plastic tank doesn't even have threads, it just slips on and off the ring by pulling it. I lost a lot of liquid.