CE5 Clear Cartomizer for KGO/EGO - CLOSE OUT SPECIAL!

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  • Logan Fox - 25 Nov 2013

    CE5_CE4 (in my opinion) Read on for my justification... While you can replace the head of the CE5 instead of cleaning your CE4 and letting it dry, I do not see any other benefits. With more movable components, you sacrifice simplicity and subject yourself to more points of failure. The CE5 is awesome if you want to tinker, but frustrating when you are on a break or on the move. The CE4 is rigid, utilitarian and surefire. So far I have had to troubleshoot failure twice. Once the atomizer head came unscrewed after a few times of unscrewing the drip tip, and another time, the pin that makes contact with the base was not making contact and needed to be unscrewed several turns. Both times I was on the go and would have rather not be bothered with technical issues.