CE4 Starter Kit with 1100 mAh Pass-through


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  • B Douglas Hilton - 06 Feb 2013

    I just got my kit and I am very pleased so far. The nice price allowed me to bundle some extra stuff and get a fairly good setup. I added a rebuildable CE4 carto and some spare heads, the Vivi Nova kit, and two types of e-juice. It works great. Much better than the crummy disposable e-cig that I had tried previously. The CE4 carto with long wicks works fine even with thick VG juice, producing good vapor and nice TH. I tried the included carto with some thinner juice and once again it works super. At some point I will probably add another battery or a battery mod. Otherwise I just need carto heads and e-juice to keep vaping. I won't have a problem switching from fire smokes to this nifty system. This works for me, and I like it.