Orphans in Malawi, Africa

Malawi, Africa Orphans

Since we started Northwest Vapors in 2011, we have been sending a percentage of our sales to orphans in Malawi, Africa. On this page we share with you some information about Malawi along with pictures of the orphans and some of the challenges thay face in this poverty stricken area.

Our owners have actually been supporting Searchlight Orphan Care and the associated school since 2004. In addition to providing money for their daily food supply, we have funded the drilling of a well (they call it a bore hole) and repairs following catastrophic flooding. Each year we also send a donation in early December that provides for distribution of a few Christmas gifts to these needy orphans.

More information about Searchlight Orphan Care can be found at http://www.searchlightmalawi.com/.

You Have Helped Too!

In the last few months in 2017 we set aside a portion of our web sales as a Christmas gift to the orphanage. We were able to send them $2,000.00 in early December. Thank-you for your help.

If you wish to provide additional funding to help these needy children, please contact Ministry of Grace (will@ministryofgrace.org) and we will see that your donation gets forwarded on to them.

Malawi is located in southeastern Africa.

Location of Malawi

It is among the world's least-developed countries. The economy is heavily based in agriculture, with a largely rural population. The country suffers from occasional flooding during the rainy season and periodic drought during the dry season. The Malawian government depends heavily on outside aid to meet development needs, although this need (and the aid offered) has decreased since 2000. Malawi has a low life expectancy and high infant mortality. There is a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, which is a drain on the labour force and government expenditures. 

Pictures of Searchlight Orphan Care

Food for Orphans Monthly Food Supply Food being prepared
Orphans eating daily ration of food Monthly Food Supply Cook Preparing Food
Orphans in school Classroom Setting Recess Time
School Children Classroom Setting Recess Time
School Books Of Course They Learn English Flood Waters at the Orphanage
School Books Of course, they learn English Flood Waters at the Orphanage
Flood Damage More Flood Damage Rebuilding
Flood Damage More Flood Damage Rebuilding
More Rebuilding School Building Damage School Building Repairs
More Rebuilding School Building Flood Damage School Building Reconstruction
Sowing Crops Planding Crops Crop Damage From Drought
Sowing Crops Planting Crops Crop Damage from Drought
Well (bore hole) Message of Thanks Christmas Gifts
Well (Bore Hole) Plea for Help Christmas Gifts