CE4 Clear Cartomizer for KGO/EGO

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The CE4 clear cartomizer is the easiest clear cartomizer to fill and use.  It is made with a thick durable plastic with graduation marks printed on it.  Since it is translucent, you can see how much liquid is left. This is the long wick version of the CE4.

The heating element (coil) is fed with a wick from the sealed fluid compartment surrounding it, preventing the typical wicking issues that plague other clearamizers.  Vapor is passed through a sealed center tube.  This cartomizer is great attachment for any EGO or KGO battery. Due to its size, this cartomizer is not recommended for smaller batteries like the 510 and 510-T models.

EGO CE4 Bottoms

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  • Steve Fox - 02 Apr 2012

    I really like this carto! It puts out great vapor and brings out the flavor cleanly. It even works well with my Ovale 650mAh batteries.

  • David Grossman - 16 Apr 2012

    I was very impressed with the ce4. I bought two and I am still on the first one. What I love about it is that it has more punch than a tank system,...

  • Garth Hanchett - 02 Jul 2012

    This new Cart, got me back on e-smoke, Its sealed, easy to load, lasts a long time, and puts out the most e-smoke out of many of the other...