KGO/EGO Enhanced Pass-Through with 1100 mAh Battery

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  • Model: Bat-510-1100-PassThru-Enhanced
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The KGO or EGO USB Pass-Through with 1000mAh rechargable battery allows you to vape on the go as well as giving you full power while connected to your USB port.  You can use it while it is charging on any USB port, via the included USB cable.   It cannot be charged with the standard EGO and KGO charger. If you don't have a computer to plug the charging cable into you will need to purchase a Wall Plug Adapter or a Car Charger to plug it into.

This is a manual battery (push button) that works with all of the KGO and 510 atomizers and cartomizers. The button glows different colors depending on the voltage level. When the button glows:
Green - battery voltage is greater than 3.9 Volts
Blue - battery voltage is between 3.6 Volts and 3.9 Volts
Red - battery voltage is less than 3.6 Volts
Flashing Red - Voltage is less than 3.3 Volts (needs to be charged)
Available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Chrome, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. Please select color below.

KGO Passthrough
KGO Passt-hrough
  • Leslie Dalrymple - 27 Mar 2013

    Got one of these to go with the eGo kit I got earlier. Same great product. I use the CE4 carts and have yet to have any issues with them either....

  • Robert Pusztavari - 10 Aug 2013

    I never bought this battery; they sent this as a replacement for the new KGO E-Cigarette (Riva) kit I ordered the week before. One of the 2 batteries...

  • andrea steverson - 22 Aug 2014

    I bought this to replace my Ego V-V2 after it stopped working. It is a really nice battery. I was pleasantly surprised by the size- it is...