KGO/EGO/Riva Battery 1100mAh

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  • Model: Bat-510-1100
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The KGO/EGO/Riva  battery is an 1100 mAh battery that will last the average vapor user two to three days.  That is more than 8 times the capacity of a standard e-cig battery.  
This is a Manual battery that requires the user to push a LED lit button to use.  This gives the user more control over their vaping.
The battery has a life cycle of about 300 charges. When your battery no longer holds a charge, or no longer last long enough, you will want to order a replacement.
This battery requires a "USB Charger for eGo and KGO Battery" (Charger sold separately).
  • Benjamin Clark - 13 Mar 2012

    Excellent battery, would easily recommend this to anyone for the value. I use a big battery mod as well, yet I find myself reaching for this if I...

  • Sheree Green - 14 May 2012

    Someone told me about this battery and the products overall. Very pleased with the long life of it. Great customer service too.

  • Joe Stippick - 09 Jun 2012

    Been using this for a month now as my main vape. I don't think I've had it die on me once yet and I go 2 days without charging. I love it!