Glass Globe Atomizer Replacement heads

  • Model: Atm-GlassGlobeAtomizer
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Glass Globe Atomizer

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These are the replacement heads for our Glass Globe Atomizer. They come in 6 different types:

  • Stainless Steel Bowl - Wire-wound Wick
  • Stainless Steel Bowl - Wire-wound Ceramic
  • Stainless Steel Bowl - Wire-wound Ceramic (Dual Coil)
  • Ceramic Bowl - Wire-wound Wick
  • Ceramic Bowl - Wire-wound Ceramic
  • Ceramic Bowl - Pancake Wire Coil

The differences between the different glass globe heads are mostly construction, but they have some slight differences in the way they operate.

  • First of all is the bowl type.  Ceramic bowl is the original design but can drip oils onto the glass globe if overfilled. The steel bowl will hold more but oils and waxes tend to collect on the sides.
  • Pancake coils were one of the early designs for dry herbs and got modified for oils and waxes.  The entire coil is on the bottom of the atomizer head and heats like a typical electric stove-top burner.
  • Wire wound wicks is the design that most electronic cigarettes use and has been adapted for waxes and dry herbs. The wax or oils are wicked up and the heating coils vaporize the oils in the wick and around it. The disadvantage is that it is possible to burn the silica wick material if heated up to much or run dry.
  • Wire wound ceramic is where the heating wire is wrapped around a ceramic post. There is no wick to burn but there also is no material to wick the wax or oils closer to the heating element.  This has the effect of vaporizing the wax or oils around the ceramic post as the post is heated. Because the ceramic post holds heat so well it tends to continue to vaporize longer after turning off the power than a wire wound wick.
  • Screen over wire wound wick is designed to melt the wax through the mesh into the wick and heating element below.  The screen is supposed to prevent wax or oils from spattering onto the glass globe.
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