Sweet Tart Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Anna Senior - 27 Nov 2012

    YUMMMMMO! Tastes just like sweet tarts. I'll be buying a lot more of this one!

  • Anna Senior - 13 Dec 2012

    Addendum to first review I really fell in love with this flavor when I first tried it. However, the next time I tried it, the flavor was extremely watered down. I'm questioning the consistency of this product. Disappointed :(

  • Tracy Miller - 04 Apr 2013

    Did you change your mix? I loved my first try with this juice, but the second batch was weak. I'm giving it another shot and hoping it back to great again.

  • Christopher Salerno - 04 Apr 2013

    One of my favorite flavor I've tried by NW Vapors. Excellent quality.

  • Kelly Escobar - 05 Jun 2017

    This liquid is great!!! It tastes and smells exactly like sweet tarts. Love it!!

  • susan lovette - 08 Jul 2013

    This just wasn't how I expected it to taste. I love sweet tart candy but it just didn't have that taste.