Blueberry Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Steve Fox - 02 Apr 2012

    I love love love this stuff! Sweet and juicy, leaves a yummy taste in my mouth. I can't put it down...

  • Randy Abbott - 07 Dec 2012

    I was not so big on this flavor at first but put it down for a couple weeks and went back to it. I soon found myself out of it and have used other fruit flavors but find myself missing this one. I'm going to try blackberry next and hope that I like it as much. Blueberry juice is way better than Raspberry and Strawberry Overdose for me so far.

  • Annette McAlister - 16 Dec 2012

    There is one thing that I have been very impressed with NWV juice. Their descriptions of what the juice tastes like. Lots of others describe their juice, and you order it and it falls short. Well, again, their description says this juice tastes like fresh blueberries, picked at their peak of ripeness. Well, it does! Enough said. Love it.

  • Jennifer Cotton - 06 Jun 2014

    Love this, actually love all the e-liquids I have bought!! this is the best buy, quality on the web.