T3S Bottom Feed Cartomizer for KGO/EGO - CLOSE OUT SPECIAL

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  • Mickel Pruden - 29 Aug 2018

    Ole Faithful! Have used this Cartomizer for several years. Once in a blue moon the tube will come loose and I just throw them away. Otherwise replace the coil once in a while when it starts turning the liquid dark or tasting bad and it will serve you well.

  • Anna Senior - 08 Sep 2013

    Love, Love, Love these!!! No more burnt taste or having to tilt the carto to get the juice to wick properly. I wish they came in a slimmer more streamline shape, but that's ok. Best Carto ever!

  • Theresa Martin - 24 Sep 2013

    These carts are awesome. No more burnt flavors and very easy to fill. I've been using the same tip for about a week and it still delivers fresh flavor. I'll be tossing my supply of the top feed carts. They are a bit larger but you don't have to fill them as often. Highly recommend!!

  • James Hatten - 24 Sep 2013

    My first review was based upon a mistake I made when refilling my T3. I was not careful to be sure the wick did not touch the seal on reassembly. Now that I know what I'm doing I must say I recommend this. Very satisfying vapor production and taste!

  • Kimberly Haverkampf - 27 Jan 2014

    I love so many things about this tank. No more burnt taste, easy to fill, don't have to fill as often, and most of all, these tanks are re-buildable. I have tried just about every method there is for vaping, and this has been my favorite. Plus, the customer service of Northwest Vapor cannot be beat, not to mention the fastest delivery possible, from the Northwest to South Alabama in two-three days top.

  • James Hobbs - 18 Feb 2014

    This is my favorite tank! It is less likely to break in your pocket Has a great bottom feed for less burned taste (make sure to clean it every so often) one con, but no star loss (it is more difficult to fill, but you fill it much less with the massive 3ml tank size)

  • Roberta Kolar - 07 Jul 2018

    Filled it from the bottom, carefully replaced and tightened the bottom and then...nothing. Just pulled air through. The brand new batteries were newly charged.

  • Mary Warren - 12 Jul 2014

    Great Taste - Poor Design. The tank isn't even threaded and will pull apart easily, so be careful handling this. It's the best taste though, so if you're careful, you will enjoy a clean warm vape. Hoping for a redesign of this idea soon. I've wasted a lot of liquid not being careful with it.

  • Anna Senior - 17 Jul 2014

    I would like to reiterate that these are the best cartos that I have ever used. The reason for my second review is that I saw the last review about the poor design. Not true at all. This is the best designed carto that I have found out there... anywhere. I don't know what they meant by it not being threaded and that it pulls apart easy because it most certainly is threaded, and it's the toughest little cartomizer I've ever used, and believe me, I am very hard on my gear. I'm wondering if this person got one that was defected, or maybe they don't understand that you open it from the bottom and they accidentally pulled the top off of it? I don't know. But I've been using these now for close to a year and they never disappoint. Great product.