KGO/EGO/Riva Battery 1100mAh

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  • Benjamin Clark - 13 Mar 2012

    Excellent battery, would easily recommend this to anyone for the value. I use a big battery mod as well, yet I find myself reaching for this if I want a 4v vape. It's allot smarter than the description says- Has a 5 click on, and 5 click off feature, along with a blue led for the switch and a red led for the pass-through port. It also has some sort of mechanism (Causing the button led to blink) which prevents the device from firing if the your atomizer is screwed on too tightly. In addition the threads a very nice and smooth.

  • Sheree Green - 14 May 2012

    Someone told me about this battery and the products overall. Very pleased with the long life of it. Great customer service too.

  • Joe Stippick - 09 Jun 2012

    Been using this for a month now as my main vape. I don't think I've had it die on me once yet and I go 2 days without charging. I love it!

  • Eva Cancela - 30 Jun 2012

    I have NO issue with this battery, but I have issue with the person who reviewed this item and mentioned that it has a passthrough port. THIS IS NOT A PASSTHROUGH BATTERY. If you buy this you need to have the charger for this battery. I made the mistake of thinking this was a passthrough because I read the review that said it was. (No prob for me, I will just have to buy the charger) but I wanted to write this review to give a heads up to anyone else who may make the same mistake. Again, THIS IS NOT A PASSTHROUGH BATTERY!

  • Katherine B Speck - 26 Sep 2012

    Excellent bargain and lasts a long time between charges. The gold finish is thin and rubs off with use, but I don't care. If you do, try another finish. Great customer service from this company.

  • Tim Dowling - 07 Oct 2012

    I am very fond of this battery and now own 3 of them. They have a large capacity. Good buy for the money.

  • Mitchell Penfold - 12 Nov 2012

    It's a darn good battery. It feels very solid, and holds a charge that lasts all day (I vape a bit). I personally prefer the passthrough, but this battery is smaller, lighter, and lasts longer than the passthrough if you don't have access to a charger throughout the day. To some of those who may have watched my review on youtube, the customer service did well in changing my opinion on this device after having some problems with them in the beginning. -Str8Vape