KGO/EGO Enhanced Pass-through 1100 mAh Battery


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  • Leslie Dalrymple - 27 Mar 2013

    Got one of these to go with the eGo kit I got earlier. Same great product. I use the CE4 carts and have yet to have any issues with them either. Thanks Northwest Vapors.

  • Robert Pusztavari - 10 Aug 2013

    I never bought this battery; they sent this as a replacement for the new KGO E-Cigarette (Riva) kit I ordered the week before. One of the 2 batteries became twitchy and would keep turning off by itself. No questions ask, NW Vapors just sent a replacement out lickety quick. This speaks volumes towards their customer service, thank you Tim and Co. Tech info: 112.5mm x 14.1mm @ 31g (regular cigs are 80mm x less than 5mm @ less than a gram) 6 hours under heavy use, over 10 hours for me on the weekends (no stress ;-) After ten hours, the battery strength drops rapidly before the color change to blue, recommend a second battery and charge before the red, li-ion should not go below 3.3, but these ARE protected batteries! Please note, 2 pack a day “Ex-smoker” with 38 years of a bad habit, never had a carton last a week since the early 80’s. (to give a base line on what I consider a HEAVY user) Dropped many times, broke 2 CE4’s but with spares carts I keep on vaping. Still cheaper than the hard packs I crushed more than I wish to admit. Yeah, humping steel and fast paced production has a price _evil grin_. Oh, thanks to outstanding customer service, I ended up ordering the EGO-V v2 Mega Variable Voltage Pass-Through Battery as a thank you! Ha, I win again! _evil laugh_

  • andrea steverson - 22 Aug 2014

    I bought this to replace my Ego V-V2 after it stopped working. It is a really nice battery. I was pleasantly surprised by the size- it is considerably smaller than the ego V-V2 without being too small, which I like so I can put it in my purse. The vapor output is also really good too. As always, NW Vapors has the best shipping- ALWAYS in the mail the next day, and I received my order in three days ((which has been the same for every other order I have ever placed with them!)). Also- unrelated to the battery, I just want to mention that the quality of their liquids and the price is much better than any of the vape shops in my area, I'd much prefer to order from them than go to my local stores!