Caramel Cappuccino Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Eva Cancela - 01 Jun 2012

    Before I critique this particular flavor, let me just mention that this is the nicest e-liquid brand that I have used so far! As for this flavor, its sweet, but not overly so; it has a nice delicate yet very good flavor in which both the caramel and the cappuccino are quite apparent. The cappuccino flavoring is not overpowering of the 'kiss' of caramel, but nicely compliments it to please one's palate. Also this e-liquid doesn't have a hard edge that some e-liquids do; NO SCRATCHY THROAT! :) I highly recommend this flavor to anyone who is unsure what flavor to try, or to anyone looking for a nice sweet treat. This would be especially great for early morning or after dinner vaping!

  • Annette McAlister - 16 Dec 2012

    When I ordered this juice for the first time, I opened it, smelled it..ahh Knew I was gonna love it. You smell the coffee, then the caramel sweetness, and then I vaped it. Pure delight. I love my coffee, strong, sweet, with lots of cream. Well, this juice is fab. If you Love Caramel Cappuccino, then you're gonna LOVE this juice. Yum!

  • Lawrenda Bierley - 12 Mar 2013

    This is probably the best E liquid I've tried so far, rivaling some of the larger e-juice companies. When I first opened and smelled it. It smells like a freshly brewed Cappuccino. The first hit I immediately noticed the Sweetness, and taste of Caramel, on the exhale the Coffee taste comes out even more. This is my every Morning/late Evening vape. It's certainly worth a try for any Coffee/Cappuccino lover.

  • Logan Fox - 26 Oct 2013

    Northwest Vapors' Caramel Cappuccino flavor is freaking exquisite. My favorite, even. Well balanced; it's got a distinct, robust coffee flavor that does not overpower the sweetness of the caramel flavor. The initial taste is wonderful, and the taste has great follow through.

  • Beverly Prevatt - 23 Sep 2014

    NWV was the first place I went two years ago when I started vaping. Bought this flavor and loved it. Have since tested 15 others by mail and local start up stores and NWV has the BEST/RIGHT ON/EXACT flavors. I'm back for good! No more testing!

  • Andrew Nguyen - 13 Feb 2015

    I'm no beginner to coffee flavors, I've had my fair share. To best describe this, it was good. It had the same flavor and smell I expected. In the beginning, it almost had a chemical smell to it, just slightly, but after some steeping it was gone. Smells: Like you'd expect, yummy. Inhale: Didn't really taste anything. Exhale: Good flavor, just not a top favorite for me. Vapor: Plenty. Throat hit: Plenty depending on your setup.

  • Katharine Cochran - 23 Jan 2016

    I've been with NWV for at least 10 yrs! What can I say? I keep coming back because Bill & his crew exemplifies what true customer service is!!! This one happens to be a favorite of mine!