Hypnotic Mist Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Matthew Lovingood - 14 Jul 2012

    I love this E-liquid. The description is very accurate. It is very hard to describe. It is sweet, but not overly so. It reminds me of maybe a candy or a drink of some kind that I have had, but I just cannot place it. It is by far the my favorite flavor to vape. Every E-liquid I have bought from here has been of the best quality I have ever had!

  • Jason Gaskill - 13 Aug 2012

    when im wanting a sweet flavor, this is the best ive ever tried. smooth, sweet, and satisfiying. definitly a flavor i would buy over and over.

  • Zach Leonard - 28 Aug 2012

    this juice is not that bad...try it..its sweet but not overly sweet..good vapor an also throat hit..

  • Michael Prigge - 15 Jan 2013

    I pride myself on having a fairly sensitive palate and can usually taste subtleties and identify them. This one has me stumped. That being said, this may well be my favorite flavor juice ever, period. I agree it is a little on the sweet side but not 'desert-y'. The first time I vaped this, my wife even asked what flavor it was because she thought it smelled good... Take a walk on the wild side and try this!

  • Joseph Graziano - 28 Feb 2013

    I like it a lot. Its weird. When you cape it through a single coil it tastes like an orange cream Icepop. Through the dual coil tank it tastes lighter and the orange flavor is less, but it's still good...It's different. Almost a sweet grass flavor. I give up...just try it.

  • Donna Langley - 12 Mar 2013

    Me again this is very smooth!! i mix it with my mocha! Heck i mix my true tabacco with my mocha yummy, loveing them all!! Wanting to buy an extra charger for in case but all sold out,everybodys hearing about NWVAPORS,I"m sure speading the word LOL.Hope get more in soon LOL,TY Love NwVaporers.com :-)

  • JOSH SPIERING - 11 May 2013

    Awesome and tough to place but worth it. I have tried it on a couple of voltages and the flavor does change. I have also mixed it and it pair well with a stright tobacco flavor.

  • Joshua Phillips - 17 Aug 2013

    I love this so much, it's become my everyday vape. I highly recommend this juice.

  • Bret Garcia - 03 Nov 2013

    BY FAR..THE BEST..E-LIQUID....I HAVE EVER TRIED...I used to be a huge root beer fan and ordered 120 ml at a time although i still like root beer Hypnotic mist is now my favorite vape! The flavor is sweet but tangy with notes of citrus and berries and a few other notes that i still cant place but there fantastic! rock solid throat hit and great vapor production with 12 mg smooth mix. i highly recommend this to anyone, you will not be disappointed !!

  • Randal Uribe - 13 Jan 2014

    I bought a 10ml bottle in 36 mg. Wish I would have ordered more! I don't know what the mystery flavors are, but they are awesome! I wasn't sure I would like this because I was a heavy smoker who always smoked the same brand. However, I have found out that variety is important for someone like me trying to make the switch. I'm glad I trusted the employees on this one, and I just want to say thanks to Bill Krause!

  • Aaron Lee - 21 Jan 2014

    It's OK. I found there wasn't much flavor to it. Maybe I got a weird batch..

  • Christopher Wilson - 18 Feb 2017

    I decided to try the Hypnotic Mist flavor from NWVapors in 6mg strength 70% pg/30% vg blend. This is an awesome flavor but nearly impossible to describe. It smells light and fruity, but tastes far more complex. Perhaps like an incense smells? No, that makes it sound bad and it is really good. It's more about the image it invokes rather than the flavor itself. It tastes like the smell you might get if you were to walk into a magicians shop in a middle eastern bazaar. Dim lighting with sunlight coming through the lattice windows, a light smoke hanging in the air. The smell of the books on the shelves, a hint of Dragon Fruit mixed with vanilla, marjoram, and other exotic spices. Small jars of various spices and concoctions sitting on tables and shelves. Scrolls of parchment tucked into cubbies and a small hookah on a low table surrounded by pillows on an Arabian style rug. I highly recommend it.