Hypnotic Mist Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Christopher Wilson - 18 Feb 2017

    I decided to try the Hypnotic Mist flavor from NWVapors in 6mg strength 70% pg/30% vg blend. This is an awesome flavor but nearly impossible to describe. It smells light and fruity, but tastes far more complex. Perhaps like an incense smells? No, that makes it sound bad and it is really good. It's more about the image it invokes rather than the flavor itself. It tastes like the smell you might get if you were to walk into a magicians shop in a middle eastern bazaar. Dim lighting with sunlight coming through the lattice windows, a light smoke hanging in the air. The smell of the books on the shelves, a hint of Dragon Fruit mixed with vanilla, marjoram, and other exotic spices. Small jars of various spices and concoctions sitting on tables and shelves. Scrolls of parchment tucked into cubbies and a small hookah on a low table surrounded by pillows on an Arabian style rug. I highly recommend it.