KGO/EGO Enhanced Pass-Through with 1100 mAh Battery


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  • Robert Pusztavari - 10 Aug 2013

    I never bought this battery; they sent this as a replacement for the new KGO E-Cigarette (Riva) kit I ordered the week before. One of the 2 batteries became twitchy and would keep turning off by itself. No questions ask, NW Vapors just sent a replacement out lickety quick. This speaks volumes towards their customer service, thank you Tim and Co. Tech info: 112.5mm x 14.1mm @ 31g (regular cigs are 80mm x less than 5mm @ less than a gram) 6 hours under heavy use, over 10 hours for me on the weekends (no stress ;-) After ten hours, the battery strength drops rapidly before the color change to blue, recommend a second battery and charge before the red, li-ion should not go below 3.3, but these ARE protected batteries! Please note, 2 pack a day “Ex-smoker” with 38 years of a bad habit, never had a carton last a week since the early 80’s. (to give a base line on what I consider a HEAVY user) Dropped many times, broke 2 CE4’s but with spares carts I keep on vaping. Still cheaper than the hard packs I crushed more than I wish to admit. Yeah, humping steel and fast paced production has a price _evil grin_. Oh, thanks to outstanding customer service, I ended up ordering the EGO-V v2 Mega Variable Voltage Pass-Through Battery as a thank you! Ha, I win again! _evil laugh_