Northwest Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Teresa White Eagle - 03 Apr 2012

    This E-Juice is a nice mix, kinda sweet, kinda strong and all tobacco! Love it!

  • Matthew Lovingood - 08 Jun 2012

    I tried this once and have not been able to use anything else.This is my absolute favorite.Even got my dad hooked on it too.You really have to try it.I don't like most tobacco flavors because of the nutty aftertaste.This stuff has a sweet aftertaste.It's wonderful people Try it!!

  • Randy Abbott - 07 Dec 2012

    Great flavor. I like it mixed with different flavors such as vanilla or it is just really good a lone. My favorite that I've tried so far but I was a Marlboro red smoker so that might be why

  • Robert Jones - 09 Jan 2013

    Great basic ecig tobacco flavor. Definitely an all day vapor for me. I will probably use this as a base to mix other flavors in when wanting something spicy or fruity.

  • B Douglas Hilton - 27 Feb 2013

    I ordered the 18mg "Smooth" because I have an issue with PG and I am somewhat underwhelmed. The flavor itself is good, actually very good, but with the options that I selected the flavor is very subdued. I can barely taste it. Throat hit is also very minimal. I could see how this might be good with higher PG levels but there simply isn't enough flavor for a high VG mixture. I have steeped this for two weeks and it is still extremely mild. I wanted a lot more punch out of this. 3 stars.

  • George Branigan - 22 Jul 2013

    Best tobacco flavor from all I have tried.As some have already mentioned,it's a good base to mix some of your own flavors as well.I give it 5 stars and two thumbs up,lol.

  • Jeremy Troski - 30 Oct 2013

    This is the best liquid I have found for people who smoke regular, full flavor cigs to quit on. I have referred at least 20 people to this company because I have never found anything that compares to real cigs more than this. Thanks to this I have been smoke free for over a year and have no desire to go back to cigarettes.

  • Amanda Rossman - 10 Feb 2014

    I love this flavor! This has spoiled all other flavors for me. My local smoke shop recommended this and I am so happy they did. It has an almost honey sweet flavor, with a great throat hit and amazing tobacco all at once. I've tried several other flavors from this line as well other brands and I always come back to NW Tobacco. Thank goodness they are online, I would hate to move and not have this available.

  • Kimberly Haverkampf - 06 Jun 2015

    I quit smoking and started vaping three years ago. I have so many bottles around the house of things I have tried from various companies, and I always, always go back to Northwest Tobacco flaver E-Liquid. It gives me everything I want in an E-Liquid, great taste, perfect throat hit, and combine that with the options of nicotine strength and pg mixture, and affordability, and this choice cannot be beat. The only thing that would make it better would be larger bottle.