Orange Cream Flavor E-Liquid


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  • Jeffrey Mericle - 11 Sep 2012

    I just got this ejuice today, and was very excited to try it!! I absolutely LOVE the flavor of a good old fashioned creamsicle!! But, unfortunately, this ejuice does not taste as advertised. You can definately taste the orge flavor in this liquid...but it is more of a roasted orange flavor. It tasted like a Florida Tropics Milk Chocolate Orange Break, with a hint of espresso to it. The after taste IS a lot more like what the name says it is....but it is still not quite right, and has a roasted/espresso flavor to it. I would not discourage you from trying this ejuice, because i do still like it.....but that is my own opinion. If you are expecting to taste an old fashioned creamsicle....DO NOT buy this product!!